About Me

I've been working with technology since my teenage years when I bought my first computer at 15 with my paperboy money. I started with VS.net development in 2003, then grew tired of MicroSoft, learned Linux, open-source web development and have been doing it very successfully for many years now. HTML, CSS and JavaScript since 2003, internet security since 2005, jQuery since 2006, web pen testing since 2006, Python since 2007, Ruby since 2008, Node since 2009, Backbone since 2012, React since 2015, TypeScript, Angular since 2016. I prefer to work remotely not on-site, since it's all internet based industry, it makes things easier on me and on you. I'm very detail oriented and like to make things that are solid and scale beyond expectations. I like to go with the flow. I'm usually ahead of the curve. Mostly I end up teaching my cowokers a lot and learning a lot from them too. I thrive on knowledge. No one knows everything, it's impossible. I don't try to remember everything, I do things differently compared to most people. Maybe your company could benefit from the way I do things. I like to automate and optimize processes. I don't need a degree to make secure, scalable applications. Most opensource project are not very secure. My primary focus is always usability and security, building things that are pleasant to use, having a good interface, the way to use the interface, the way the data is presented, how tasks are done with the interface and very secure app from the start to protect the users and investors. I mostly learn from others, I take the good and leave the bad, I improve the bad as I see fit to make it good overall. Things take time but usually the time it takes is worth it. It's about the way a person does the stuff what matters, doesn't matter if he can remember 30 digits of PI, just because a person has a good memory doesn't say much. I'm always preparing for the future, for growth, for the worst case scenarios and apply my foreward thinking to everything I do. I'm not really looking to working with scandolous people or scam artists, I'm a pretty honest person, so if you like to sweep issues under the rug I'm not a good fit. I have real world production experience, which goes a long way compared to someone who only knows how to do what they're told and how to think. I believe the main thing is to keep seeking the truth, meditate on the word of God, be honest with yourself and keep working on yourself. There's a good reason why I dropped out of school of indoctrination camps and I never looked back. Look at so many of these college graduates without jobs and so much debt. I don't care to remember all that stuff, especially when things changes so often and I can search for them online when I need, so don't expect me to answer all your questions perfectly when you just found them online somewhere. I care more to remember the word of God, which doesn't change. I've written lot's of programs, interfaces, and created systems from the ground up. I've managed people and hired people. I've done a lot of interviews, and some interview questions are a complete copy of interview questions they found online. Some just ask me how I would do things, to find out during the interview how they can do it without even hiring me after that. While others just see my resume and hire me based on that. Judge how you want to be judged, is all I have to say. We're all created in the image of the creator. In the end, we will be given the measure that we give. Please don't waste my time. Either let's work together or get lost. Most people only know what they've been told, and what they know is lies as truth until they do their own research. Television is a form of mind control, a lesser magic, nothing but predictive programming, mental conditioning and lies on TV, there is some truth but they work on opposites, so it's a matter of knowing how they operate. If you want my advice, then here it is, never trust advertisements. REMOTE WORK ONLY PLEASE

Work Experience

MC Management, Inc. - Apex Systems

Node.js/CoffeeScript DeveloperApr. 2017 - Mar. 2018

CDM Rewards Program Documentation

● Work on a distributed team as a remote developer on BackEnd Team, fixing existing functionality written in coffeescript connecting to AS400, MS SQL and MongoDB ● Refactored Coldfusion scripts and fixed bugs in legacy code ● Rewrote coldfusion scripts in node.js coffeescript ● Migrated data and created transformers for syncing data between merchants and order databases ● Created and added new pages and routes utilizing existing design templates styles ● Configured and Secured servers by installing newer versions of software ● Implemented featured provided by third party development teams and worked with other development teams to finish requested features ● Worked on various problems that range from caching to order transfer solutions ● Fixed shopping cart and made shopping experience more enjoyable ● Worked on zendesk apps for customer support techs for finding order information ● Used tools like jenkins, screenhero, basecamp and github ● Participated in meetings with many third-party partners and teams to provide solutions for requested features, communicated back and forth with third-party teams as needed ● Lead team members in planning for building out app infrastructure and configuring tools ● Provided support to call-center, fixed underlying system bugs and maintained end-user satisfaction by fixing problems in customer facing solutions ● Created deployment scripts, project and documentation management bash scripts ● Created re-usable library for communicating with third-party POS provider ● Created ES6 angular2 node.js app, integrates with POS system for redeemable voucher ● Created customer facing documentation using python sphinx utilizing ReadTheDocs theme and administrator documentation using markdown for above application ● Fixed bugs in coffeescript apps, connect partner API functionality, terminal cli/web apps

FOX Broadcasting - XTeam

Node.js/React.js Full-Stack DeveloperDec. 2016 - Mar. 2017

● Work on a distributed team as remote developer on the API Team, building apps with JavaScript/ES6 ● NPM/Node.js, ElasticSearch, ElasticMQ, Redis, Mongo, React/Redux, Docker, Nginx, AWS/S3, Postman, Jet, Mocha; MEAN Stack ● Scaling apps beyond 500 thousand requests per second ● Scraping data with Python connected to ElasticSearch server and building application around collected indexed data ● Resolving issues in the form of tickets in JIRA, creating tickets in JIRA for identified issues ● Communicating with team via Slack, attending meetings over Cisco WebEx and using TeamViewer or Google Hangouts, Screenshots and keeping a daily journal ● Fixing bugs in node app codebase, writing unit tests, updating in the documentation

Applied Merchant - DKKD Staffing

May 2016 - Current

● Created local development environment with vagrant in a private github repo ● Communicated with team using JIRA, phone, skype and email. ● Worked with a resources which were provided by a third party web development firm ● Made site responsive for mobile device visitors, fixed issues with style, layout and design ● Transitioned legacy application database from sqlite3 to MySQL and added django-fernet-fields to secure data stored in the database ● Finished development on the app, it is now running on Amazon AWS ● Found hackers on legacy app server, de-compiled their software locally, found the IRC server/channels in question and tracked down the guy to his IP address ● Deployed the app on a new server with nginx/uWSGI and decommissioned a legacy app ● Fixed issues with the application user interface and user experience, added analytics ● Created CloudFormation single instance stack for the app ● Re-wrote app, created a new brand for the app, created the app to be frontend centric in React, Redux, Redux-Form, WebPack and using Python Django Rest Framework as the backend API and NPM/Node.js; MEAN Stack ● Created a multi-tiered CloudFormation stack ● Applied Hashicorp app delivery suite of tools to deploy and devt process; otto, nomad, consul, terraform, vault, serf, packer ● Launched 3 partner sites that use the main application with some minor business logic changes in the backend or simply logos and contact info differences from the main site

Cisco Systems, Inc. - Stratus Technology Services, LLC

Nov. 2015 - Apr. 2016

● Build an app for Cisco Systems, Inc with Tornado and jQuery, NPM/Node.js, Bower ● Created a dynamic page generator command-line tool ● Created a web user interface to the command-line page generator ● Created a deployment process with docker, shell scripts and make ● Created a development environment with vagrant that re-uses the docker shell scripts ● Managed a team of developers and managers who managed me ● Came up with tons of solutions for the application, system and processes of doing admin tasks and creating generated pages ● Created a database migration system which imports files into the database from the filesystem ● Created a import/export system so admins can transition to other docker containers much easier and so to have a way to back things up in the system ● Created frontend user experience and user Interfaces and for processes

Code Samples & Stuff


One of my github accounts, two of my other accounts are flagged by the new GitHub owners(MicroSoft), because github is no good anymore. I prefer GitLab actually.

StackOverflow Profile

My StackOverflow profile.

Coderwall Protips

CoderWall profile.

Travis CI profile

Travis CI profile with my public projects configures for continuous integration.

Libraries.IO profile

Libraries.IO profile.

📦 MongoClient

$ npm install --save mongoclient

A mongodb client wrapper for mongoose.


$ npm install -g videolerx

Downloads videos from youtube, vimeo, etc and uploads them to S3.

📦 notify-used-or-free

$ npm install -g notify-used-or-free

Notify by email or sms of free disk space on server or when a certain amount of disk space has been used.

📦 dictionary-definitions-data

$ npm i -S dictionary-definitions-data

Data scraped with spiders from dictionary.com on 2018-03

📦 thesaurus-synonyms-data

$ npm i -S thesaurus-synonyms-data

Data scraped with spiders from thesaurus.com on 2018-03

ClipBucket Downloader Script

The Best ClipBucket Downloader you will find until youtube-dl adds support for clipbucket sites.

Angular Address Book

Demo Address Book app written with Angular running on Google Cloud.

Python Console Card Game of War on REPL.it

A simple card game of war, written using python3, this was a test exam for job placement at a company.

Gematria Calculator

Just a simple calculator to translate letters to numbers.



    Build your cyber security or IT career, for free.Jan. 2017

    1. Create A Subnet
    2. Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard PCI/DSS
    3. InfoSec Intro
    4. Web Penetration Testing
    Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard PCI/DSS
    InfoSec Intro
    Web Penetration Testing


    Learn to code for FREE!Nov. 2016

    1. HTML
    2. CSS
    3. JavaScript
    4. Python 3
    5. PHP
    6. SQL
    7. Java
    8. Ruby

    AWS Certified Solutions Architect

    Self-prep for AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate ExamMay 2016

    The prep exams/tests prep-material are nothing like the actual exam!

    1. VPC
    2. EC2
    3. S3
    4. CloudFront
    5. Route53
    6. RDS
    7. ElastiCache
    8. SES
    9. Simple Queue Service
    10. EMR
    11. Elastic Transcoder
    12. API Gateway
    13. Lambda
    14. DynamoDB
    15. Elastic Container Service
    16. Elastic Beanstalk
    17. CloudFormation
    18. OpsWorks

    And more recently I'm learning more tools that weren't on that exam ...

    1. CodeBuild
    2. CodeCommit
    3. CodeDeploy
    4. CodePipeline
    5. CodeStar
    6. AWS X-Ray


    Learn the best JavaScript tools and frameworks from industry pros.Nov. 2015

    1. React
    2. Redux
    3. Redux Saga
    4. TypeScript


    Learn to code, gain a new skill, get a new job.Jun. 2015

    1. HTML
    2. CSS
    3. PHP
    4. Python
    5. Ruby
    6. JavaScript
    7. Java
    8. iOS - Swift
    9. Android - Java
    10. WordPress
    11. Design
    12. Development Tools
    13. Digital Literacy
    14. Business

    Cloudera Certified Admin for Apache HADOOP

    Self-prep for Cloudera Certified Admin for Apache HADOOP - Administrator ExamFeb 2014

    1. Cloudera
    2. HortonWorks

    Miscellaneous Sources

    Self-taught many languages, patterns, algorithms, frameworks, concepts, use cases, lifecycles, configurations, deployments, processes, etc.2004 - Current

    1. Github & Bitbucket & Google Code
    2. Online Docs & Readmes
    3. Books & White Papers
    4. YouTube Videos & Playlists
    5. Coworkers & places of employment

    Court Reporting Institute (CRI)

    Learn computer programming with Visual Studio .Net Framework 1.1Jul. 2003

    1. C#
    2. VB.net
    3. ASP.net
    4. SQL


    Here is a list of some skills I learned over the years in regard to my tech career.

    • Photoshop
    • Illustrator
    • Wordpress
    • Drupal
    • CSS
    • HTML5
    • JavaScript
    • jQuery
    • Node.js
    • PHP
    • Python
    • Ruby
    • Java
    • Sass/Less/SCSS
    • React.js
    • Angular.js
    • Amazon Web Services
    • Chef
    • Puppet
    • Ansible
    • Terraform
    • NGINX
    • SQL
    • NoSQL
    • Linux Ubuntu/CentOS
    • Laravel (PHP)
    • Django (Python)
    • Automated Unit Testing
    • RabbitMQ
    • Celery
    • ElasticSearch
    • Redis
    • Memcache
    • MongoDB
    • PostgreSQL PL/SQL
    • Docker
    • Jenkins
    • Twitter Bootstrap
    • Material UI
    • Foundation
    • Bulma
    • Cloudera
    • JIRA (Agile)
    • Security
    • Data Analysis
    • Mobile Development
    • SEO
    • Business Marketing
    • Project Management
    • Quality Assurance
    • UX/UI Design
    • Data Structures
    • Algorithms
    • Plus much more ...

    Work Recommendations

    • I am writing to recommend Alex Goretoy. As a Web Technical Lead, I had the privilege of working with Alex for more than one year at MC Management, Inc. Serving in this capacity allowed me to work very closely with Alex, so I fully understand his capabilities. Alex's extensive experience with various technologies proved to be very helpful in our environment. Although our shop is primarily an older version of NodeJS Express with MongoDB, we have several platforms that need to be supported simultaneously requiring both noSQL and relational database skills (MS SQL and AS400), knowledge of short-hand version of Javascript called CoffeeScript, as well as knowledge of AngularJS with ES6. Alex demonstrated incredible adaptability and a "can-do" attitude, no matter what the mix of technology for any given assignment. His wealth of experience with other scripting languages such as PHP, Python, and various popular frameworks allowed him to be extremely knowledgeable and flexible when it came to tackling assignments. Alex also provided many helpful suggestions and solutions to the environment so that we could become more effective and efficient in our day-to-day DevOps tasks using Jenkins and AWS. He provided helpful testing approaches, tools, and suggestions on how we could do things better. He tackled critical and complex assignments involving Redis and SimpleCache with professionalism and much success. Overall, I would highly recommend Alex and believe he would be a great addition to any team. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the number below.

      Theresa Temple - MC Management, Inc. Letter of recommendation
    • Alex is a highly knowledgeable and creative systems and application engineer. His passion for applying leading edge technology to solve business problems is demonstrated in his ability to design and build flexible, forward looking applications which respond not only to the immediate project specifications but also position the application/framework for future use cases best in class design patterns and upcoming technology trends.

      Sean Hennessy - Stratus Technology Services, LLC Letter of recommendation
    • DKKD Staffing rarely employs remote workers, but Alex is worth it. EXCELLENT job for our client. He's very proactive and researches what he doesn't know. Alex has been working as a Developer since 2003 building web services. He is a lead Architect working in Backend, Frontend UI/UX Development and DevOps for Web based and Mobile applications. Very strong experience with Python and Django and has experience working with Java. Thanks for doing a great job for us/our client Alex.

      Diane "Di" Krehbiel - DKKD StaffingLetter of recommendation
    • I would like to recommend Alex Goretoy as a candidate for a position with your organization. In his role as a PHP Developer, Alex provided consultation services for our company from 5/31/2012 - 7/20/2012. Alex did an excellent job in this position and was an asset to our organization during his tenure. He has excellent written and verbal communication skills, is extremely organized, can work independently, and is able to effectively multi-task to ensure that all tasks are completed in a timely manner. Alex also has good problem solving skills, he was always able to offer new ideas to get things done in a more efficient manner. He had an excellent rapport with his co-workers, managers and clients. He would be an asset to any employer and I recommend him for any endeavor he chooses to pursue.

      Jesal Gadhia - Calisto Labs, LLC Letter of recommendation
    • I immediately recognized Alex Goretoy's phenomenal programming proficiency, vast skill set versatility, and unparalleled work ethic within the first few wks after I hired him. Though he excels at complex back-end programming and information architecting, he is also adept at front-end programming and UI/UX design. He worked tirelessly on each project with passion and acuity, working from home extending far beyond work hours, without compensation. Each day, he surprised me with the progress he was able to make, in addition to introducing innovative new ideas he devised for the product at hand. I cannot say that I have met a more ambitious, zealous, innovative, versatile, supremely skilled programmer as Mr. Goretoy. He was also an excellent collaborator and team player -- polite, punctual, reliable, open to feedback, tactful with feedback of his own and very respectful to me as his manager. He was an invaluable asset to our team and any company in need of superior IT talent would be fortunate to have him.

      Felicia McCrossin - Cyber2Media, Inc.Letter of recommendation

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